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無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

Young boy little girls and all family members get ready to prepare the best milkshakes for your guests with milkshake maker game. The shake making has best ever animations to prepare your own juicy milkshake with icee cubes and colorful fruit flavors like mango, grapes, banana, strawberry, cherry, avocado, grapes and chocolate. Now you can invite your friends on sundae shake party and by using milkshake maker you can make it best party.

* Mango Flavor: Everyone like mangos, useful fruit in summer and much wanted milkshake is mango party shake.

** Grapes Flavor: Sweet fruit for summer. Little girls love to eat grapes, useful flavor for slush.

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

*** Cherry Flavor: Little useful fruit but very sweet shape anime. shaking animation and drinking taste of cherry is good.

**** Banana Flavor: All family members loves to use banana flavor. very demanding smoothie milkshake

***** Strawberry Flavor: Winters fruit. Very enjoyable fruit. kids enjoys to eat this.

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

****** Chocolate Flavor: kids love to eat chocolates. Also useful in slushy maker. And shake is delicious of chocolate.

******* Apple Flavor: very healthy fruit. most loved milkshake.

******** Ice cream Flavor: catchy for kids to eat milkshake of ice cream.

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game


* Beautiful animated game play screen with attractive sounds to make shakes with our smoothie milkshake maker.

* Ice candy(حلوى) style Colorful fruits selection window to prepare desired yummy frosting and Marvellous ice cream shake maker.

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

* Well designed glass (with bob cartoons, ben tattoos and flowers) to have a yummy shake in the glass in our frozen milkshake.

* Grander screen to smash(スマッシュ) and crush(クラッシュ) the shake ingredients like(frozen icee cubes, fruits, milk, sugar). With vibrating device.

* After crushing the ice with ninja blender you can put the icy in the glass by pressing the button of ice falling machine in our smoothie maker.

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

* Freefall of juice flavors animation into frozen ice filled glass for making chill milkshake.

* Cupcake toppings window for garnishing the smoothie slushy shake.

* cake, cars, toys, caps are available to decorate the

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

environment like milkshake maker.

* Multiple colored straws available for drinking icing milkshake.

* Beautiful sky backgrounds to make the environment paradise or heaven.

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

* After decorating all you can share your own prepared slushy with your friends and family members. Via emails or Facebook.

* Capture the photo of prepared smoothie and save it into your phone gallery or set as a milkshake wallpaper or slush wallpaper.

* If you like our game and find it entertaining then it is very necessary to Rate Us to bring more entertaining games for you.

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

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無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

無料家庭片AppのMilkshake Maker - Shake Party|HotApp4Game

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